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Have you thought of turning your games consoles into cash? Or maybe selling your digital camera? How about getting cash for your sat-nav or your i-Pad? Look around the house and you might be surprised to see how many electronic items there are that you’re not using anymore. Maybe you’ve […]

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Got a stack load of DVDs pilling up at home that you have only watched once since you bought them and will probably never get round to watching them again. Instead of messing up the house why don’t you sell your DVDs online to make some extra cash? Selling your […]

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Can’t afford to get the latest high tech iPhone, Blackberry or Android Smartphone? You should consider selling your phone through Back2Cash, so you can get cash back to spend on the mobile you really want! Prices may be going up for the latest mobile phone models, but that also means people […]

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Thinking of selling your old Mobile Phone? Have you watched all your DVDs and decided it’s time to free up some shelf space by selling them? How about getting cash for your old Xbox 360 Games? Here’s one website where you can do it all, quickly, easily and safely. You’ll […]

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