Stop cursing the clutter and start counting the cash!

Thinking of selling your old university books? Decided it’s time to free up some shelf space by clearing out your video games? How about getting cash for your gadgets or mobile phone?

Back2Cash is the website where you can do it all, quickly, easily, and safely.

To sell your unwanted items use the contact us tab at the bottom of the page and tell us what you’re selling


We’ve built a solid reputation for fair trading, fast payment, and great prices. That reputation is our most precious asset, and your guarantee that you’ve found the best way to sell your stuff online.

Simply call us, text us or send us an email and tell us what items you have for sale. Describe the items the best you can, and we’ll make an offer to buy if we like what we hear.

If you’re happy to sell to us, we’ll arrange same day collection and payment if you are located within Greater Manchester. So, we come to you!

For sellers outside the Greater Manchester area we can arrange a free courier to collect your items on a day that suits you.


No account required!

We know how important your personal details are which is why we do not require that you set up an account online with us to sell. All we ask is for the minimum amount of information to enable us to contact you to make an offer to buy your items. We do not store your personal details on the website or on any servers.

We buy Textbooks
We buy all sorts of non-fiction books, but we’re particularly interested in buying university textbooks. They’re worth more than you might think
We buy Mobile Phones
We buy Gadgets
We buy Electronics
We Buy Computing
We buy Video Games
We want you to sell your unwanted video games to us. We’re buying Xbox One, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, PS Vita, PSP, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS & Nintendo 3DS.
We buy Games Consoles and Accessories
We buy Retro Games Consoles and Accessories


Where available we will collect your items and pay you on the same day.

Same day payments are available within Greater Manchester.


If we are unable to collect we will arrange a free courier collection and we will pay you on the day of arrival to our location.

We are happy to buy items from all over the UK.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting and for considering selling your unwanted stuff to us.

My name is Michael Shaw and I am the owner of

Back2Cash has been around since 2009 and we are one of the original buying websites online. Over time a few other websites have come and gone offering to buy your unwanted items. Some of these websites still trade today while a few of the dodgy sites have disappeared as quickly as they arrived.

The websites that remain have valuation engines and invest heavily in advertising to entice you to sell your stuff to them. Unfortunately, because of these overheads this will reflect on what they can offer you on a per item price.

You will find that prices offered can vary considerably per website. One website might offer £2 for an Xbox game and another website might offer £5 for the exact same video game.

The reason for this could simply be because they already have too many copies of the said video game so the offer would be lower. You’ll notice that they only accept one copy of an item per trade.

So why sell to us?

We haven’t invested heavily in a fancy website. We don’t have an expensive valuation engine to run. We don’t spend thousands of pounds on advertising. For the money we save we can give back to you.

We also come to you to complete your trade!

We want you to check the websites we compete with. We want you to use their valuation engine. We want you to use their smartphone barcode scanning app. And then we want you to come back to use to get a better price!


If you would like to sell your stuff please contact us

Phone; 0161 410 0038

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